You can all upload photos

Good thing Beth is back. She wrote me today to let me know she could not upload photos. In reviewing this program I found out how to give people the ability to do that and so you all now can upload a photo. Instructions to follow:
Lets upload photos!

Here’s how to do it:
1. Start by logging in and clicking on Log In link.
2. Now click on UPLOAD FILE and a small window should pop up.
3. Click the Browse button and find the image file on your computer.
4. Once you’ve selected the file, it should appear in the File: box in that small popup window.
5. Click UPLOAD and you’ll be given the choice of making your image popup or having it embedded.

A note about these choices:
A popup image does just that, it pops up when you click on a link in your post.
An embedded image appears within the body of your post.

Pop-up images can be any size you want, but inline images should be no wider than 400 pixels wide

6. Choose the way you want your image to appear by clicking the POPUP IMAGE or the EMBEDDED IMAGE button.
7. Now you’ll see the form for creating a new entry. You’ll notice that there is already code in the “Enter blog entry here:” box.
8. Just type your post, making sure not the change the code in betwen the < and the >.

An additional note about popup images:
Towards the end of the code for a popup image, you’ll notice the word “image.” This is the word that links to your image. If you want your link to say something other than “image”, you can change that word to be whatever you want (spaces and special characters are OK).

9. Save your post and that’s it!

If you have any problems, e-mail me

(This method is really only good for one picture at a time. If you need to post a whole page of pictures, you have to FTP them and then write code or send them to me and I’ll get them linked.

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