Well my blood work is back and though this might not interest anyone but me- I’m shouting it out anyway because I have had to give up sausage, pepperoni, pasta and all the good eats over the last three months.

My last blood work was in June and my tryglycerides were 411 (this is not good-heart attack here I come) it was so high they couldn’t measure the bad stuff. Well my doctor wanted me on medication (it almost crippled me) so I went off and went on fish oil and watched what I ate.
Tryglycerides went from 411 to 207; cholesterol went to 227 with bad 138 (should be below 100). My doctor said what ever I am doing- keep on so this makes me feel better. I have also been doing the zone so my sugar/glycemic levels have been good.

Now- the fat and it likes me and doesn’t want to leave (I’ve tried) so I will try one last time and join weight watchers (they are doing it at school so what do I have to lose (100 pounds!)).
Anyway- I’m just telling people- I lowered my cholesterol.

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  1. beth said:

    Good job, I’m proud of you!!

    September 10, 2002

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