Wow…that’s a lot.

I have started a project (what was I thinking) and have downloaded ALL my photos (digital) onto my computer. I will then organize them into groups (year & occassion) using a FREE program picasa which is pretty neat. It is a very time intensive process but when complete I will burn all umpteen thousand onto a DVD. It will be a very nice way to store them. I forgot I had some (Kam in a cave man outfit- he looks so small). Someday I would like to scan all my film photos and add them- wow that’s a lot of history. If you want any saved- burn a CD and send them my way- I’ll be happy to add and send you back a DVD.

camera (22k image)


  1. La said:

    I worked 3 hours last night- I haven’t done Delaney because hers is so big (we saved the best for last)I still have 46 files to put into their folders (one for each family, person and events). There are a lot. Will make finding them later easier. I’ll make sure you get one. If you have any photos burn me a disk and I’ll add them so you have one big disk. I might need you to send me some photos again (spider)that I lost when my computer crashed. I have someone trying to retrieve it today- I’ll let you know.

    April 22, 2005
  2. Kay , Bob, Delaney, and Buffett said:

    I’m in for one of the DVD copies (most of the pictures are probably my daughter!!) Thanks.

    April 22, 2005
  3. Erin said:

    Cool! Let me know how you like it!

    April 21, 2005

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