Womens World Cup 2007

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Not sure if alot of yall have been following the 2007 womens world cup..but if u havent the womens team finished 3rd defeating norway in the bronze game. im sure alot of u have heard about the craziness that has been going on with us soccer and the team. the coach switched out the number one goal keeper in the semi final and played the old goalie brianna scurry[ sure some of you have herad of her] and the recent keeper was very upset and took it out on the coach and brianna. well i was asked as a soccer player wut i thought about the goalie change. u dont take out a goalie who hasnt really played to much and bring in a new one. and expect her to be able to play agaisnt a very good chinese team. but things happen for a reason and now they will focus on the olypics in 2008

Well now for my team we have just one this past weekend i played very well and so did my team. we have 1-1-1 which seems bad but our divisoin is so tough that we are actually tied with 4 other teams for second. well im off to washington dc this weekend[ firday through monday] and its going to be tough..wish me luck and i will let everyone knows how it goes.


  1. Bailey's said:

    Mattie we will be thinking of you. So sorry we couldn’t make it. Kate has been sick since last Sunday and they tested her today for step and mono. After talking with her coach on the phone found out another teammate just got tested as well for mono so hoping she doesn’t have it for she will be done with soccer if she does which will stink. She has four games this week and already missed todays due to Dr.’s and hasn’t practed in a week. So go out there a kick one in for her! Like Nana said be sure to post and let us know how you made out! We love you.

    October 2, 2007
  2. Hot Mama said:

    I wish you all the luck and good play there is. I hope you do well. Just play your best, be proud of your effort and be a good sport. We will be rooting for you. Make sure and post all about the tournament when you get home. Love you, Nana

    October 1, 2007

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