Wild Witch & Warlock Ball

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What can we say? We had a ball! Check out the pictures and you can see how much fun we had. There are so many other good ones too! We’ll save some for the upcoming weeks until Halloween! It was a spooktacular time! The only thing we forgot was the carving pumpkins… oops.

{{popup IMG_6616_fixed.jpg IMG_6616_fixed 375×500}}Kelsie with Pumpkin Lollypop
{{popup IMG_6617.jpg IMG_6617 375×500}}Nana with Fangs
{{popup IMG_6621.jpg IMG_6621 375×500}}Kay with Nose Ring
{{popup IMG_6642.jpg IMG_6642 375×500}}Erin & Beth
{{popup IMG_6660.jpg IMG_6660 500×375}}Kam Bobbing for Apples
{{popup IMG_6689.jpg IMG_6689 500×375}}Kam Bobbing for Apples 2
{{popup IMG_6669.jpg IMG_6669 375×500}}Laney Bobbing for Apples
{{popup IMG_6694.jpg IMG_6694 375×500}}Laney with Apple
{{popup IMG_6738.jpg IMG_6738 500×375}}Witchy Women
{{popup IMG_6742.jpg IMG_6742 375×500}}Katie, the Cute Witch
{{popup IMG_6757.jpg IMG_6757 500×375}}Girls Making Cookies
{{popup IMG_6769.jpg IMG_6769 500×375}}Girls Making Cookies 2
{{popup IMG_6794.jpg IMG_6794 500×375}}Girls Making Cookies 3
{{popup IMG_6841.jpg IMG_6841 375×500}}Decorating the Cookies
{{popup IMG_6854.jpg IMG_6854 500×375}}Decorating the Cookies 2
{{popup IMG_6865.jpg IMG_6865 375×500}}Kam Eating the Cookies
{{popup IMG_6876.jpg IMG_6876 500×375}}Kam Making Caramel Apples
{{popup IMG_6885.jpg IMG_6885 375×500}}Beth Making Caramel Apples


  1. La said:

    Looks like lots of fun- wish I could have been there.LOve the hats and matching boas- you all look so "witchy". Glad to see another family tradition- that’s what it is all about.

    October 24, 2006
  2. hot nana said:

    When I get a phone call the next day from my son, the big one, saying how much fun it was, you know it was a good day. Those little girls are a blast to watch. Got a lot of ideas for next year because I think this is a keeper. A big thank you to Kim, Erin, Beth and Clark for all the work they did, and to Sue for having it at her house and all the work she did. Thanks to everyone for everything they brought, like a great sense of humor. I wore myself out!!!! Love Nana

    October 23, 2006
  3. beth said:

    Sorry about that Sarah, we didn’t make the Caramel Apples until after your mom headed home.

    October 23, 2006
  4. Sarah said:

    all that i have to say is why wasn’t a caramel apple sent home for Sarah

    October 23, 2006
  5. Erin said:

    And if everyone would like, if you can get me your pictures I can put them all on one disk for everyone! I can bring the disks home at Thanksgiving when I come back. Just let me know. Hopefully I can get majority of them from people before I leave, because I know there were other great ones that I missed. We really did have fun.

    October 22, 2006

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