Where’s the news?

So does no one have anything going on, no new years resolutions, nothing fun to share, weather stories, after holiday thoughts…
* I lost 1.8 pounds over the Holiday so my first 10-week cycle of weight watchers yielded a 24.8 pounds weight loss. I signed up for another 10 weeks. I will be joining a gym and my school is exercising 3 nights so I hope this will help keep it steady at about 2 pounds a week.
* Today, Sanford Brown asked Linda to give the graduating speech for the class- unanimous vote from the school- what a great honor!
What’s up with the rest of you?


  1. BKBD said:

    Linda, What a great honor. However, that makes for one more thing to do and some more stress. These days I think about everything in terms of things to do and sometimes wish I didn’t have so much (Job, Baby, etc, etc.) Best wishes and again Congrats!!

    January 12, 2003
  2. Kim said:

    Congratulations Linda…

    January 11, 2003

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