Where are they now?

June 30 – fly from Charlotte to Rome flight leaves at 6:15 pm
July 1 – arrive in Rome at 9:30 am – in rome for the day and night
July 2 – in rome for the day and night
July 3 – go to civitecchia rome to depart on boat – cruise
July 4 – we will be in Salerno Italy for the 4th
July 5 – cruise day (this was supposed to be Tunisia Africa)
July 6 – spend day at Palma de Mallorca Spain
July 7 – spend day at Marseille France
July 8 – spend day in Genoa Italy
July 9- spend day in Ajaccio France
July 10- arrive in Rome and spend one last day and evening in Rome
July 11 – fly home and be in Charlotte by 4:00 pm in afternoon

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