when you must walk through …

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what i know for sure is that most of the time i know jack shit.
and that the things i thought were for sure, often change,
and that beliefs and fears and goals and
passions can switch on you as well.

what i know for sure is that this can be damn scary.
and to let go of what you know so well,
and abandon the comfort of familiarity takes deep strength.

and to starve your heart is to die a slow death.

what i know for sure is that if you ask for help, things will be
easier. and to pretend you are a superhero is exhausting.
relief will come in being honest, even if its the hard stuff.
and your true sisters, your true family, will help you up…. if you let them.

what i know for sure is that you can only think and talk
about things for so long and then the day comes when
you finally have to make a move. it doesnt have to be drastic,
but you do need to take that small step towards getting to
a better place.

what i know for sure if that this is your one life,
and you cannot get caught in midstream, mindlessly agreeing
to what is handed to you.
it is up to you now.
it is up to you to take hold of the wheel, and
to make this life of yours loaded to the rim
with soulfulness
and experiences that really fill you,
and to have people surrounding you
who truly care for your

and i know it takes alot of courage.
and i know it can feel terrifying.

but you are worth it.
your life was not meant to be lived this way.
now is your chance.

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  1. Erin said:

    I want to be a hero… like Hiro Nakimoro from Heros… time travel would be AWESOME! Sorry, addicted to that show. Sadly, I’m no superhero either.

    December 17, 2008
  2. Kim said:

    Love those doors! I gave up being a super hero years ago! Life is a lot easier!

    December 17, 2008
  3. La said:

    I think we all can at one point in our lives

    December 15, 2008
  4. Kelly said:

    boy can I relate to this!

    December 15, 2008

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