When I come home…

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I’d love a day to make cookies, watch movies (I bought the classic movies on DVD-Frosty, Rudolph, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, The Little Drummer Boy, Frosty Returns & Cricket on the Hearth) play in the snow and drink hot cocoa- anyone interested? I was thinking Monday or Tuesday before Christmas…


  1. La said:

    I am planning on making eggnog- not spiked but you can spike your own glass if you choose.

    December 5, 2008
  2. Erin said:

    Mom, you crack me up… we’ve gone from Farley the Elf, to Kimberneezer… and now Mimberneezer? Woman, what would I do without you as my mom. I love you.

    December 5, 2008
  3. Mimberneezer said:

    COOKIESSSSSS… me like coookies!!!

    December 4, 2008
  4. Kay said:

    It would be more like Delaney between you and Dad and me with Karen. Just be prepared for her little feet between your legs- up your shirt and head up to yours. She is a snuggle bug! Hopefully I will have everything done and can enjoy all these fun events.

    December 4, 2008
  5. hot mama said:

    I think Kay should just plan to come and stay in Clyde. She can sleep in between Dad and I and Lulu can sleep with Karen. What do you think Kay? The snow has gone but you know New York, It could make a rerun. Just not on the days that Karen and Kevin are coming in. Can’t wait. If only we were going to have Kris and the girls. We will have them in our hearts tho. Plan on a long phone call Kris. Mom

    December 4, 2008
  6. Erin said:

    Maybe we should make some homemade spiked eggnog for the adults! YUMMY! Plus it will keep our toes warm.

    December 3, 2008
  7. Sue said:

    Sounds great! Hopefully we will have enough snow for making a snow family too!

    December 3, 2008
  8. Farley the Elf Woman said:

    I am in! COOKIESSSS!

    December 1, 2008
  9. La said:

    I was wondering if you want me to pick her up when I come in, she can go to Clyde for a sleep over and I’ll bring her back Tuesday. Will she come without mom? That would give you time to clean or shop or crump!

    December 1, 2008
  10. Kay said:

    Delaney would love to make cookies! Hopefully we can squeeze it in without running to Clyde 17 hundred times.

    December 1, 2008
  11. La said:

    As long as you bring it along…this will be fun!

    December 1, 2008
  12. Erin said:

    My mom and I were just saying how much fun it would be to make cookies with the little girls this year… you can count my mom and I in! But can we add Elf to the movie mix? It’s one of my favs.

    December 1, 2008

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