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stanley (170k image)

* Here is Flat Stanley as he participates in one of my 2nd grade groups. He goes home April 20.
* Mom, Dad, Kenny, Sue & kids return home today- they had fun!
* Beth is in Virginia on a job interview and visit with her sister
* Kris is coming to Kansas City April 20th
* Linda’s test showed “nothing” so now she is going to see a GI specialist to see if a colonoscopy or scope is next.
* Linda’s sister had a Cat scan and they think she has cancer- not this road again.
* Kelly is still having numbness in her hands and legs- keep her in your prayers and give her a cheer up call
* It is suppose to snow 1-3″ tonight in Kansas City- my poor plants!
* Monday is income tax deadline…do you have your taxes done?

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  1. Erin said:

    I like your flat stanley… he’s so cute! Did one of your kids make him or did Devon?

    April 19, 2007

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