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waka waka

Delaney had a dance competition in Syracuse this weekend.  Her Jazz dance is called Waka Waka and they got a Platinum score for it (Highest Award).  It also placed 3rd in the All-Around.  Her Tap called Chocolate got a Platinum award and it got 1st Place in the All Around.  It also won the Best costume award for that age group.  It was a great weekend and the girls were thrilled with their performances.  We got home yesterday and Bob cooked us a nice dinner and ended the weekend with a cake congratulating Delaney on her performances.  That made her day!!


Kameron was chosen as one of the Fab 5 in Wayne County.


Beth is in Disney World with Lydia- they are having some fun!


Started my photography class this past week. Had to shoot 5 Aperture setting photos, 5 shutter speed photos and 5 program mode photos. Here is one I took…I guess they made the water blue for the Royals opening day.


Kelsie starts softball tonight!


What’s up with you?

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  1. klds said:

    Don’t we have amazing kids! Love it!!!

    April 16, 2013

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