What’s up…

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* Kelsie is sick- poor baby has a bad cold and is on medicine
* Kameron started basketball last night- Kenny is his coach
* Matty finished her soceer season with a 1-2-5 (loss-win-tie) record
* The democrates took the house and the senate
* Nana, Lala and others are all working on their Christmas gifts (it’s coming fast)
* CARS is out on DVD
* Delaney is going to have a dance rehearsal soon (she is with a new instructor)
* Nana loves her MP3 player
* What’s up with you?


  1. Sue said:

    Well, I hope everyone takes time to breathe over the next 6 weeks. Make your lists and pace yourselves. But above all ENJOY IT! It only comes once a year. We went to the mall last night and Santa’s house was up with elves all around it so we had to have a crash course on Santaville! Love the holidays and little ones!

    November 12, 2006
  2. hot mama said:

    I can’t wait for Delaney’s recital. They are great. Kelsie is better, thank God. Kris is interviewing for a different job with Carrier this week. Keep her in your thoughts. Linda has to have a procedure on her heart on December 1.Keep her in your prayers and in your heart. Poppy and I got our Christmas tree lights up yesterday. I always feel so good when that job is done. Sarah is going to be inducted into the National Honor Society on Tuesday. Good for you Sarah. I’ll be there. Pray that Kevin will sell his house so he can buy one and have his own place. God, it’s great to have a big family where there is so much going on. Love, mom

    November 11, 2006
  3. Erin said:

    WOW! Way to go Beth! Sounds like fun!

    Not much here… working on Christmas so that I won’t be stressed this year.

    We did just find out that David’s dad was in a bad motorcycle accident though and broke both arms and some ribs. Not good. The funny part is that he doesn’t even like motorcycles, but sometimes they have to use them to get around in DR. Please pray for his speedy recovery.

    November 9, 2006
  4. beth said:

    Class, Class, Class. Work, Work, Work. That’s all with me. I am going to be a model in a fundraiser event called Heart and Soul heartandsoulevent.com

    November 9, 2006

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