What’s up…

  • Working on projects… this is how you know it is summer!

  • Nana, Poppy, Kay, Delaney, Kim & Clark have all headed down to North Carolina for Mattie’s graduation Tuesday.

  • Bear seems to think it is fun to drink out of the fountain…he has his Canine Good Citizen test in 2 weeks (he still does not like to stay).

  • This is Karen Adler and Judith Fertig- I have a cooking class with Judith Monday night from her new book, “Heartland” and Karen on June 27 (make up from Ann Lund’s class that was cancelled).
    • Cookbook author and food writer Judith Fertig will start out with a Farm Girl Cosmo made with a delicious Rosy Rhubarb Syrup and an easy flatbread. Then we’ll tuck into Chicken Schnitzel with Tarragon  Creamed Corn and Frizzled Tomatoes w/Herbs. For dessert, a fabulously easy Summer in a Jar, a Heartland trifle that can be served in canning jars and goes patriotic for Fourth of July!
    • Karen Adler will be grilling romaine lettuce and serving everyone the BBQ Queen’s famous Grilled Caesar Salad. Roasted Beef Tenderloin is the entree for this evening. You will learn how to grill/roast the whole tenderloin. We’ll slice an ample portion of the meat and serve it with a delicious Sour Cream, Bacon & Horseradish Sauce. Along with the beef, Karen will serve Layered Cheddar Potato Casserole – one of the best potato side dishes ever! Dessert will be a beautiful glass bowl filled with Wine Splashed Fruit.
  • What are you up to?

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