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At least six tornadoes touched down late this morning and this afternoon in the Kansas City area, according to authorities. 7320 NW Shelter Rd is still here and we have not blown away. Thanks for the calls to check and make sure we were ok.

Kameron has been playing tournament basketball and doing very well. He hurt his elbow but it is bursitis. He is growing quicker than his muscle mass can keep up. New work out program for the boy.

This past weekend Delaney and Kelsie went to a Girl Scout luau…here is our Island girls dancing the night away.

Pictures courtesy of Kay C. Thanks!

To celebrate a successful year of PBS (Positive Behavior Supports) we are having and PB&S Day at school (Peanut Butter and Stuff). We will serve different sandwiches (peanut butter and jelly, fluff, nutella, banana’s). Then have other stuff-( peanut butter pie, cookies) and I am bringing Ants on a Log- except instead of raisins (which I do not like) I will have chocolate chips. Fun days when it isn’t storming.

What’s up with you?

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