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kambaseball (109k image)

* Kameron has begun baseball- he got two hits and scored once. This year he is playing in Lyons and learning a lot. Go Kameron!
* Sue graduates May 14th- it is finally here- we have a teacher in our family. Yeah Sue!
* Darian is getting confirmed- Nana is her sponsor. Congratulations!
* Kevin Michael won a trip to Arizona- don’t know the details but it must be good.
* June 1st- Beth graduates from the Leadership Cayuga project- alright!
* Matty is playing soccer and making many goals- she has a game this weekend.
* Delaney is learning to rock climb (her own version-ask Kay).
What an impressive group- way to go!


  1. Sue said:

    this is one of Kam’s new Lord of the Rings moves that he was trying out- one of many. Congrats, good luck and best wishes to all- cause I know everyone has stuff going on in their lives so share and get off your butt and post!

    May 5, 2005
  2. La said:

    I’m not sure of the story behind this picture- Kimmy what’s up?
    Sure are busy weeks ahead- congratulations everyone! Much love to all.

    May 5, 2005

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