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Kam (85k image)

* Kam is the ball boy for the Varsity team- he gets to hit with them!
* Erin got a new dog named {{popup Nate.jpg Nate 394×400}}Nate.
* {{popup BEth.jpg BEth 375×500}}Beth got her own apartment.
* Karen & Linda trimmed grasses and dead headed all the flower beds, put in new seed for all the areas we worked on last year- we might finally have a {{popup lawn.gif lawn 550×367}}lawn. I can tell it is summer- we have a very long honey do list already!
* We are finally going to plant a {{popup peacepole.png peacepole 45×792}}peace pole at our house. It will go in the front garden so you can see it when you look out the windows- way cool!
* {{popup treehugger.gif treehugger 296×500}}Matty is spending most of this week with Nana.
* Rock Chalk {{popup Jayhawks_new.gif Jayhawks_new 428×377}}Jayhawk! What can you say!
* Delaney went to Clyde to {{popup cheerdac.gif cheerdac 375×500}}cheer on her mother and Aunt Kris as they were inducted into the Hall of Fame!
* {{popup Nanahappy.gif Nanahappy 427×361}}Nana had a house full this weekend and loved every minute of it!
* What’s up with you…getting quite around here again


  1. Erin said:

    If you guys do decide, use petfinder.com. That’s how we found all the shelters in our area and they get young puppies often! We couldn’t believe it! It gets addicting looking at all the cuties in there though. Even though we have already adopted, I still find myself peaking in there from time to time. PlanetDog.com is one of my new fav puppy sites for doggie stuff, and they support animal rescue from shelters. I think they have a link on their site to some approved shelters.

    April 8, 2008
  2. La said:

    Linda and I have been having the puppy itch too- we will probably go to a shelter as well but want a baby so we can train. Summer is a good time for us because we will have someone home more- no pee pee on the carpet! We will see- not worrying about it is also nice so we have to think long and hard- these guys can last 17 + years so it is a big commitment.

    April 7, 2008
  3. Erin said:

    Well we don’t get him until next weekend, but Nate is probably not the name that will stick. That’s what they called him at the shelter and even though I kinda like it, David has a nephew named Nate. We are taking suggestions for names for our new lover boy. He’s a lab boxer mix and is only 3-4 months old. Let the housetraining begin (We bought spot cleaner and other doggie goodies this weekend). He will also be crate trained. We plan to take him to the vet ASAP, but he is up to date on shots and they are neutering him this week. We watched our training video that the shelter gave us so we are ready to teach our new boy how to behave, but we are thinking about taking some additional trainign classes. We are also thinking about volunteering some of our time there at the shelter to help them out. They have so many cute dogs there that need good homes and attention. My favorite was a little pit bull named Jack who was stranded on the Aiderondack trail. He followed some hikers 14 miles down the trail after they gave him som Jack’s Beef Jerkey to revive him (hence his name). He was starving and in pretty bad shape but is the cutest fella. I wanted him in the worst way but could not have a pit bull puppy at our complex. We feel really good that we were able to rescue a dog from a shelter and can’t wait to get him.

    April 7, 2008

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