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* Kelsie got to do a cheer for Kam’s tournament- she got out there and yelled…”Give me an E, Give me an A, Give me a K, Give me an E…What’s it spell (Eagles) I can’t hear you (Eagles) then sat down. Nana said it was a hoot.

* Delaney went to Splash Lagoon. Delaney + water = happiness! She was trying to cross the {{popup crossing.gif crossing 375×500}}lily pads and boy was she excited when she {{popup didit.gif didit 500×375}}did it.

*{{popup kamwinner.gif kamwinner 550×373}}Kam had another tournament this weekend. He didn’t play much because he has been sick all week with the crude going around. They did win and it was a great way to wrap up basketball season.

* It continues to snow, and rain and {{popup ice.gif ice 396×494}}ice all across the country. New York got hit and Nana and Poppy lost power during the night. Pray it’s nice next weekend because Linda and Lala leave for Myrtle Beach.

* What’s happening with you?


  1. Kelly said:

    Well Kate went to her first prom with Shaun this weekend the Jr Prom was Saturday in the midst of all the stinky weather here. Will upload a picture when we can.

    Sarah has a new job at the Outlet Mall at Limited Too so has to work out her two week notice at S&B and not happy but she will make it through.

    Nick haven’t heard much as busy with work, school and personal life.

    Me and Rob have been busy on going on Adventures…as he collects/drives/races go karts. Yes we went from Geneva to Sandusky, Michigan in 16 hours and heading to NJ this weekend for another. Sarah is wanting so bad to drive one. Since he is now up to 4 karts.

    That’s it on the Bailey’s front…..all have been busy…busy…busy!

    March 10, 2008
  2. Kay said:

    Delaney is VERY into Cheerleading these days- Loves the Bring It On Movies. I’m having to change some of the words because they are not appropriate. One day in the shower I got "J to the E to the T to the S- JETS kick ass from East to West!" Had to explain that she can’t say that and needs to substitute Butt. Gotta hand it to her- she doesn’t miss anything. Then she climbs on the end of the couch and yells- "Pyramid- Higher" and then falls like they do in the movie. Wish Kels and her could get together more often.

    Kami- congrats on a great season- wish we could have seen you play- again- wish we were a little closer.

    March 10, 2008
  3. hot mama said:

    Delaney looked like she was having a great time. I will go watch her ice skate this next Sunday. Can’t wait. Kam did get to help the team beat Lyons. Actually they killed them. Yippee. Thank God he is better. Kels was a hoot with her cheer. She has a little friend, Jenna Carnevale, and they cheered together. I’m waiting for Mattie to post the scores of her soccer games. Lets go girl!!! Next week is Palm Sunday and Easter the following. I’m having a brunch at 12:00. Please call me and let me know if you are coming. Thanks. Mom

    March 10, 2008
  4. Erin said:

    GO KELSIE!!! We have a little cheerleader in the making! I bet Delaney will cheer with you! And what a cute little picture of Delaney with the big grin after conquering those lily pads! You go girl! And Kam, sorry you haven’t been feeling good, but we’re glad you won!

    Not much here. Working, reading, knitting, relaxing when I can.

    March 10, 2008

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