You only live once, so don


  1. La said:

    Have not made the movie yet- we are moving JoAnn in so it will be a while but I hope to soon.
    My list…
    * simplfy my life
    * reduce clutter
    * teach a grief & bereavement class
    * see the Grand Canyon
    * take more pictures

    January 23, 2008
  2. Erin said:

    So did you see the movie? How was it? It looks fantastic! If I had to make a list I’m not sure what would be one it… maybe:

    1. Read the classics, even if I don’t understand them… and a few other good ones too.
    2. Get more organized is a good one (been working on that one).
    3. Go repelling in the rainforest, maybe Costa Rica.
    4. See all that Europe has to offer (including Stone Hendge – that’s my one thing I want to see in the world).
    5. Seeing the pyramids would be cool too.
    6. Buy a house, hopefully in the next year or two.
    7. Learn to become fluent in Spanish.
    8. Become a really great knitter so I can make cool things.
    9. Get a scrapbook layout published, or better yet a book full of my work.
    10. Really get to know my camera and become a fantastic photographer.
    11. Do really great at my job so we get bought and I make a million.
    12. And love, with all my heart and soul.
    13. Appreciate what I have, including a wonderful family that loves me and is so giving (I love you all).
    14. Give of myself, especially to a child, who is not so fortunate. Help teach them and show them what love is.
    15. Collect beauty rocks on the beach, or maybe collect a rock from every place I visit.
    16. Get married and have kids someday.
    17. Take a hot air ballon ride.
    18. Take a real backpacking excursion somewhere… I have the stuff, just not the time.

    I guess that’s a pretty good start. I can probably come up with many more. Good thing to think about because you never know when you won’t have tomorrow. We need to live for today.

    January 22, 2008

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