What you missed this weekend in KC…

-Friday night we went bowling- I haven’t done this in 30 years- my body noticed- today I can’t sit- but it was fun.
-We tried a new restaurant- “Mamas” it was so-so- hear they have great breakfast- we’ll try that sometime.
-Saturday we went to the Mexican restaurant and had strawberry daiquiris– we don’t usually drink- they were yummy- trying to kill the pain in my body!
-We soaked in the hot tub many times- Linda 5- Karen 4.
-Talked to Delaney- what can I say- just too cute and she loves the phone.
-We watched “Anger Management” & “The Core”
-Sunday we had eggs benedict with grilled asparagus and fresh tomatoes- again- Yum
-Tonight I am making a “Tex Mex” dinner (made by the Barefoot Contessa)
-Now- I must prepare my lesson for this week- I am teaching childhood diagnosis- not thinking Yum! If you would like to see what I teach in my class here is my web page.

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