What I did on my summer vacation

Linda and I have been very busy with the money pit. We had the sewers put in this spring which tore up the yard and created some water issues (flooded my barn!) so we brought in a bobcat and rearranged the land, put in a patio{{popup patio.JPG patio 640×480}}-(we did the front flower circle too) we still are going to extend the poured concrete with paver blocks laid on the diagonal- you can see one in the picture (needed the pad for the future hot tub), put in two brick walls one off the patio{{popup wall1.JPG wall1 640×480}} and one leading up to the deck {{popup wall2.JPG wall2 640×480}}which we have torn off and are rebuilding (will finish it next year- ran out of steam and cash)plus {{popup steps.JPG steps 640×480}}steps. On the 101 days I redid my bedroom- finally scrapped the ceiling and painted it, painted the walls, stained the side tables, got new drapes and lights and pictures on the wall. Take a look at the before {{popup brbefore.JPG brbefore 640×480}}and after {{popup brafter.JPG brafter 640×480}}. Now school is getting ready to start both at Park Hill and UMKC so I have other work to do- the joys of home ownership!


  1. Erin said:


    lookin’ good girl! All your hard work is paying off. As soon as I make some inprovements to my house, I will sent pics.

    Keep up the hard work!

    August 1, 2002
  2. kim said:

    SHOWOFF! I love that the blog has a little icons for the pics. This I really need to learn as I do have a digi cam! Ooohhhh BETHHhhhhh!!!! (she hates me i know!) Your house pics are great. Its looking good. I will have to take pics of our latest effort in home improvement.

    July 31, 2002

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