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Has anyone been following the Terri Schiavo case, she is the brain-damaged woman whose at the heart of the battle between her husband and her parents about removing her feeding tube. Rejecting requests from Republican leaders in Congress, a Florida judge on Friday refused to again delay permission to remove the feeding tube.This fight has been going on for years with everyone including the govenor weighing in. My thought on the matter is if you have a strong opinion on what you would like done if something should happen to you- please make sure you have a Living-Will. Let me say it loud and clear- I DO NOT want to be kept alive (and I have the paper stating that so no one has to fight over the decision) by artificial means if I am brain dead or in a state of non-recovery. This is a tough one so make sure your affairs are in order. If you need more information or a Living Will…check here.

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