We’re back up and running!

Sorry I didn’t post this sooner but we were without the site for awhile. I had my ultrsound Monday and it is confirmed, for those of you that don’t know, we are having a little girl!We are soooo Excited… I am glad we found out now for several reasons… Kam started his flag football practices this week, and he comes home with Dad soo tired. He has been eating like a horse! Summer is coming to an end – about 1 1/2 weeks left of vacation and the routine starts all over again. Kam got Mrs. Giebner this year (for those that remember her). Kris, I hope your new home is all that you hope for, I would love for you to post pics of the girls rooms. Curious to see how D’s “wall” turned out.


  1. Erin said:

    I am sooo excited!!! I knew it would be a girl! GIRLS RULE!!! Congrats on the news and cannot wait utill she’s here!!!

    August 25, 2003
  2. Kay, Bob, Delaney, and Buffett said:

    Now I can start buying for that Baby!! Hurray, it’s a girl! Watch out Delaney, you are about to be corrupted. You are so sweet and innocent and I have a feeling that we are all in for Double Trouble!! haha

    August 25, 2003
  3. La said:

    Thanks for sharing and congratulations on the new little lady in our family!

    August 22, 2003

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