Well 20 years old and a 20 pound Salmon

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Needless to say spoke with Nick before he went to work as he is working night shift now and he went to Sodus Salmon fishing this morning and was besides himself when he caught the BIG one! A 20 lb female Salmon that had tons of eggs to get him through the remainder of the salmon fishing season. He was like a little kid he was so happy and excited. He does love the out doors! Yesterday morning he went on a tour of the old Seneca Army Depot for the White Deer as you can see from his shirt he bought and loved it and took many pictures and hope to see them soon. My wildlife child……GOTTA LOVE HIM…..and god how I do!

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  1. beth said:

    Let me know if he got any great photos of the white deer. We are constantly looking for a good photo of them for the Seneca County Travel Guide!

    October 31, 2006

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