Weigh in day

Well another Tuesday weigh in- this time 2.6 for a total of 20.8 in 5 weeks, this I can live with.

Speaking of living or in this case dying- my neighbors found their daughter dead tonight. We don’t know why. We know she was on medication, we know she drank (she was an alcoholic) but we don’t know why. I didn’t know this lady well and my sorrow is more for the fact that one day you are here and the next gone. And when it is over- there is no time to make amends or make that call to say hi, or share good news or say “I love you”. In our busy worlds we let the important things go by…and that is sad. So wrapped up in our own worlds, with our issues, and our beliefs, we don’t take the few minutes necessary to do the right things, with or for the right people. We don’t forgive and heal we stay stuck and we view the world through lenses clouded with mistrust and anger and we lose sight that the world is beautiful. So tomorrow if you should die- what unfinished business do you have?


  1. La said:

    Well George came over today and told us the death was alcohol related. He is doing well and wanted to know if we wanted her cat (we said no).

    November 28, 2002
  2. La said:

    Baby wack-a-do (mother is Mama wack-a-do)yes one in the same. She died of natural causes. Sad!

    November 27, 2002
  3. bkbd said:

    Was it the Wack-A-Do???

    November 27, 2002

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