Web Page Rebuild…

I change the server and combined The DiSanto and BrickOven to the same hosting site. I am trying to rebuild them. It’s a process- one I do not know- be patient why I work on it!

Sorry for the delay and downed site- I found out I could combine BrickOven and The DiSanto site on one hosting and just pay the name each year (1/2 the savings) so the BrickOven was due so I made the change. Also- the server for The DiSanto’s was on an old server and there were some problems with updates. This meant both sites had to move to the new one. A great guy (his name was Nick) help me move both sites. The DiSanto’s would not move and he had to manual move it which took awhile- then he connected everything, redirected everything, got me a refund and we are up and running.

I did extend both sites to 2020…we are good to go! 

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