Weather outside is changing…

This is just outside my house at my neighbors. Weather was cold- low 40’s- brings out the deer. Better keep some away…

  • Kam got a doe
  • Clark got a buck
  • Clark’s mom is doing better- out of ICU but still weak and in the hospital, no word on if she will make it home for Thanksgiving she took a turn today and is not doing well. Family not sure what is going on so many prayers needed.
  • Karen has a 2 day work week…YES!
  • Kam has his first scrimmage Wednesday.
  • What’s up with you?

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  1. kristen scutella said:

    very busy as I had a contractor in to take down popcorn ceiling took longer than expected due to weather ceilings didnt dry to paint so I have been cramming to get house cleaned for turket day. Work kicked in and now I am in greenville sc, indianapolis IN and myrtle beach all in 5 days – then two customers asked me to be in San Antonio, Phoenix Richmond and Branson MO the following week – didnt quite expect that but its good for business

    Dee is working and we are still going to meetings together. She aced her test (93) and looking forward to a break. She is going to a concert this week. Part of her bd presents.

    Mattie is homw from college prepping herself for finals week. She has been connecting with friends while home. I think she is enjoying the break.

    Thats it

    November 23, 2011

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