We went out shooting…

shoot (111k image)
“Photography is not a sport. It has no rules. Everything must be dared and tried!”

We went out practicing with our cameras around the neighborhood. We made a list of 6 words and here is what we came up with:
Kim: {{popup edge.gif edge 333×500}}edge, {{popup green.gif green 333×500}}green, {{popup perspective.gif perspective 500×333}}perspective, {{popup repetition.gif repetition 500×333}}repetition, {{popup wavy.gif wavy 333×500}}wavy, {{popup wet.gif wet 500×333}}wet
Karen: {{popup edge1.gif edge1 333×500}}edge, {{popup green1.gif green1 500×333}}green, {{popup perspective1.gif perspective1 333×500}}perspective, {{popup repetition1.gif repetition1 500×333}}repetition, {{popup wavy1.gif wavy1 500×333}}wavy, {{popup wet1.gif wet1 500×333}}wet
Linda: {{popup edge2.gif edge2 333×500}}edge, {{popup green2.gif green2 500×333}}green, {{popup perspective2.gif perspective2 500×333}}perspective, {{popup repetition2.gif repetition2 500×333}}repetition, {{popup wavy2.gif wavy2 550×420}}wavy, {{popup wet2.gif wet2 500×333}}wet
Erin: {{popup edge3.gif edge3 500×333}}edge, {{popup green3.gif green3 500×333}}green, {{popup perspective3.gif perspective3 500×333}}perspective, {{popup repetition3.gif repetition3 500×333}}repetition, {{popup wavy3.gif wavy3 333×500}}wavy, {{popup wet3.gif wet3 500×333}}wet


  1. La said:

    You have no idea- she took over 400 pictures to get her 6…that’s how it is done. Hey Beth, if we do it again, please join us, you have some great photos and it would be fun to add your perspective!

    July 12, 2007
  2. beth said:

    kimmer is working that new camera!

    July 11, 2007
  3. La said:

    We had fun doing this- wish we could do it more often! We should be able to get lots of great photos of the wedding.
    The new header is one of Kim’s- great color and fits the summer mood!

    July 11, 2007

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