We Might Have A Date!!!

I really like the idea of a winter wedding (as long as we don’t get a blizzard), but dates around that time are very hard to pick with the holidays and David’s hectic work schedule. We had talked about New Year’s Eve and it happens to fall on a Saturday in 2005, which is perfect timing. We liked dates at the end of November and into December, but if David continues as a store manager or a district manager, he cannot get that time off. From Thanksgiving to Christmas is their worst time and they are not supposed to take time. We think this may be the perfect way for family to be home for all the holidays and may minimize travel expenses for those already traveling. We hope our family will ring in the New Year with us and celebrate! We do not have a location yet, so depending on availability, the date may change. But for now we think this one is perfect.

Let me know if anyone has any thoughts…

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  1. Mommers said:

    hey i love it!

    December 30, 2003

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