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Shenendoah Clubhouse Pictures

My mother and I visited the Shenendoah Clubhouse at the Turning Stone and I fell in love with it! I know some peope have been questioning why I would have it so far from home when we have winter weather to worry about, but I also have many guests coming from Albany and New York City (most of David’s family) to worry about as well. This location has all the things that we would love for a site and is a happy medium. Even if there was bad weather, I still have those NYC and Albany folks to consider, so I hope no one will be upset if I choose to have it here. I am very happy with the choice, although we still have not reserved it and talked about pricing, so we will have to see.

I am certainly open to all kinds of suggestions and ideas from everyone for all areas of the wedding, so please feel free to contribute! I want this to be a great day that everyone will remember and enjoy! I want everyone to feel like it is something they have a big part in because I love you all so much!


  1. Bridezilla said:

    Me too!

    March 18, 2004
  2. Momster of the Bride said:

    Me likie!

    March 18, 2004

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