We can do it…

then&now (43k image)
“For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it. For every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it.”

80 pounds later and 8 dress sizes- she looks great (though I think she looked great before too).
We can all do it- one day at a time- 10 minutes at a time.


  1. Farley said:

    Congrats on the new bod… You loook GREAT!! i need all the help i can get and you are a HUGE inspiration and… how come the rose isn’t tucked in the cleavage?? Huh?? Huh?? ~grin~

    Can’t wait to see you and the girlies. Keep up the good work and good luck on the upcoming job prospects. I know they will love you and your creativity.

    Smoochies and give one to my girl when you see her cuz i miss her like crazy!

    July 14, 2005
  2. Kris said:

    Thank you all – it means tons to me. I have a wonderful family that is very supportive. Everyday I think I look more and more like the lovely woman my mother is (I always loved the picture in your bedroom and that is what I aspire to be) I will help anyone who wants it. I do feel good about myself and its a good thing in case I get interviews!

    July 13, 2005
  3. hot mama said:

    Look Ma, the chin is gone! You don’t realize how great someone looks until you see the "then" and the "now" I agree, Kris always looked good to me but darn, she looks great now! I’m so proud of the way you took control. Now I wish I would!!!
    Love, Mom

    July 13, 2005
  4. Erin said:

    Abd she’s one sexy MAMA! You go girl!

    July 13, 2005

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