We are not meant to have transportation…

We just got Linda’s truck back yesterday for the air conditioning and last night- she hit a deer. How loudly can I yell SHIT! She is fine, the deer is not- they had to shoot it because it’s legs were broke (yuck) and its friend stayed by which was sad too. No wrinkles today.


  1. La said:

    Oh I know we are truly blessed that she is fine and the truck isn’t too bad either. Linda’s comment was she almost didn’t go this way but then decided it would be nice to not drive where there was traffic- the wheel kind anyway-so her sense of humor is still intact…life goes on…

    July 18, 2003
  2. Erin said:

    I’m sorry to hear that but at least she is okay! I feel badly for the deer, but we have to try and remember that they have a huge population – which is why hunters are allowed to hunt as many as they do. It’s nice to think of the deer like he/she is Bamabi, but they can be pests too. Don’t feel sad, just know that it is a part of life. And for the car, it is just a material thing and although it puts quite the dent in our wallets, it can be repalced or fixed.

    I’m just glad Linda is okay! Give her a big kiss and hug from all of us! Love makes healing wounds happen much faster… Love you Lin!

    July 18, 2003

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