We are in hell…


Gonna raise the ante a bit for Friday. Looking a bit hotter than earlier thought so we’ve upgraded the greater KC Metro to an Excessive Heat Warning. Means dangerously hot conditions can be expected during the afternoon and early evening hours with heat indices topping out between 108 and 112 degrees…..and we’re not talking about a “dry” heat, you know the kind that those in Arizona talk about. Nope, we’re talking sauna conditions. We’re not recommending you head outside so you can sweat and lose a bunch of weight. That’s not how it’s done. Stay indoors, preferably in a place that has AC or at least a fan, drink lots and lots of water and if you must head outdoors wear light fitting clothing and make it as brief as possible. The rest of the region except for northeast Missouri will be under a Heat Advisory where heat indices top out around 105 degrees. YUK!!!!

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