Way cool…

It’s wonderful to see so many entires- like Christmas morning (almost).

Well once again today was weight watchers day- another 5.2 for a total of 17.4 pounds. My newest thing is exercise (which isn’t all that bad). I even found that I can jog a little. The biggest problem is the foot I broke- it swells but I’m doing 45 minutes a day of bike and walk/jogging (put on some funky music and move this white body). I’ve been thinking lately and wondering why I ever got out of shape- how dumb because now you have to work like hell to get it back. I’m sure once I do I’ll be excited but now I just have to get through the Holidays.

For anyone interested, there is a cool site to help calculate points: Dottie’s weight loss zone. Check it out!

Till next week…eat less…move more!

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