I wanted to let the family know so they will not be tageted… This is what I sent to all the news stations here in Winston-Salem today…

I was recently targeted by JBC Legal Group of NJ, a group practicing fraud, and I wanted to get the word out about them so others are not taken advantage. Apparently, there are class action suits against this group all over the place. If you type a search for them online you can find all kinds or rip-off reports and scams for them.

Basically, the scams are all about the same…
They get your account information for a check (existing or not existing) that was written for a company no longer in business. For me, it was Ames Department store five years ago, but I have seen claims online for Pizza Hut, Wal-Mart, and even Blockbuster. These are checks that were written years ago… sometimes up to 11 years! They send you a letter that states they are collecting a dept on behalf of the company and that you must pay the amount, plus a $20-25 charge. They also say that if you do not pay, you will be charged hundreds or even thousands in fees. I called them and asked for a copy of the check and the person I spoke with was so rude and uncooperative. He kept telling me that by the time they sent me a copy of the check, I could already be looking at $500 in fines (which is against the law in the first place). I have spoken with an attorney out of Raleigh who has dealt with them and won many cases, and apparently this is nationwide and getting even bigger!

I called my own bank and waited three weeks to find out that the check they claim was not paid, was in fact paid and there were no problems. Sometimes the checks they refer to do not even exist.

I am just a concerned citizen that doesn’t want to see others get taken advantage of. It is a relatively simple scam that probably gets thousands of people! Please do an investigation report or some story on the news to warn people of this group! I saw online that a class action suit has already been filed in NY against this group. Please help others!

If you need to contact me, I would be happy to give more information.

As a side note, I also recently got a call (on a Saturday) for a loan consolidation group that asked to send me information. They said they needed my student account number before they could send it – I’m a little too smart for that one and realized that my student account number (as well as most people’s) is my social security number. I refused and he kept pushing, so I hung up on him. Very clever and probably gets some people… DON’T GET TAKEN!

Please inform people of these scams. Remind them of where they can go to look into these and reinforce the idea of not giving out social security numbers (or student account numbers). You could save someone a lot of emotional stress and turmoil!


  1. Erin said:

    Kelly, I have to speak to the guy that I talked to and see what will happen. I will gte back to you when I know more. I am working on it…

    May 25, 2004
  2. kjb82760 said:

    Well thanks too late Erin…..that got me check your email so we can talk!

    May 24, 2004

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