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Set a goal: to walk every day for one year. It’s a challenge I call Walk 365.
In order to keep the “challenging” part in the challenge, I set a few rules:
In order to qualify, the walk should preferably be at least 2 miles long. (Rare exceptions are okay. Like this week when I was under the weather and barely managed a quickie around the neighborhood.)
There is no excuse for not walking. Unless I’m very ill, injured, or there’s some major life interference that cannot be avoided, the daily walk must happen!
Walks can happen anywhere, anytime (including on a treadmill if necessary, although not preferred).
Walks can’t be a “stand in” for days of my regular exercise routine (strength training, yoga, sprint sessions, running, etc.). They are in addition to.

Charles Dickens said, “If I could not walk far and fast, I think I should just explode and perish.” He’s being a bit of a drama king, but I guess I can relate.
Just for fun, keep a mileage and time log.

I’d love for you to join me in your version of Walk 365. Maybe it’s a commitment to walking every day, or maybe it’s just an effort to get out 3 or 4 days a week. Whatever it may be, I can honestly tell you that you won’t regret it. Walking feeds the soul as much as the body.

Since I got my FITBIT Charge in January (and I have not worn it everyday/it broke for a week) I have walked over 578 miles and counting and I don’t regret a single step.

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  1. Erin said:

    I don’t walk every day, but certainly 3-4 times a week. Brenner and I have a 1.5 mile route that we take around the neighborhood and I’m trying to job part of it. I’d love to feel more like a runner at some point, but for now it is good progress for me. And I do this on top of my current workout program.

    And Brenner is pretty adamant about taking those walks. He makes me get up off the couch by pawing me and “talking” to me (he barks, but not really… more like grumbling in dog speak) until we go… whether I want to or not. Another perk of having an energetic dog who loves walking. 🙂

    August 24, 2015

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