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Well we have been busy too- finished all closets this weekend (20 + bags to Good Will today)
Working on the CD’s- this will take sometime but Christmas is almost done!
Now- we start the bathroom. Ripping up carpet- repainting ceiling (see if we can get the paint to stick) and then out comes the vanity and stool. When it gets done it will be time for the den. I hope to have the CD’s done which remove two CD shelves from the room- already removed all scrap booking stuff so we are getting her done! After all- school starts in 3 weeks.

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  1. Erin said:

    Busy is right! Feels good to get some of it done though I bet.

    We are waiting to close on the house and hope to be in to start work by the end of the month. Work has been hectic for me too, so I don’t know where I’ll find all the time but david is taking some time off to work and he used his miles to fly his brother to us in Sept. to help with some stuff. And then my parents are planning for sometime in October to help decorate and punch the wall out in the living room and help install electrical fixtures. First step will be to start scraping the popcorn in the rooms that need carpet installed. We got a great quote from Lowes and it takes 2 weeks from them time they come in, so we need to scrape and paint those rooms first. Meanwhile, we have to get the AC fixed (got a quote on that) and install a new water heater… we’re thinking about going tankless to conserve energy and be more efficient. That of course will come down to money though, because we can install a regular one at half the cost.

    And then through my job, we’re thowing Beth all kinds of work to give her more money and I have been getting all kinds of freelance offers. It’s hard to turn down when you have a house that needs fixing, so I will probably do all that I can. It looks like Beth and I may be back in business with Culver Creative with all the work we are doing together. It’s nice to work with my creative sis on projects and we both have different specialties and design styles which make us work well together. My boss wants me to learn Flash, so I have been reading and picking up all kinds of books. It’s a hard program, so wish me luck! It’s fun to learn somethign new to expand my talents in though.

    Other than that, I am still knitting and have been working on getting a blanket done for a friend of ours that just gave birth. I’m about 85% done and hope to finish in the next week or so. I’ll take pics when it is done.

    July 18, 2008

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