Vegetarianism/Veganism Starting to sound good…

If you are getting ready to eat your breakfast/lunch/dinner, do not read yet.

In my quest to be a healthier person, I have been doing a bit of reading. I started with the “South Beach Diet” (which is still going well), and then I read Oprah’s “Making the Connection” for ideas and knowledge about exercising and some nutrition. Then I had a great desire to read to Marilu Henner’s book, “Total Health Makeover.” She’s the one that says we do not need milk for a number of reasons, including the fact that we are the only mammal in the world that drinks the milk of other animals (would you drink dog’s milk? — no). I sorta agree with her on this one, but then again, I am a little biased with my ongoing allergy to it. I agree that you can get your calcium from other sources.

Anyway, the reason I wanted to post was because I read her chapter on meat. Now, she is biased because she is practically a vegan (she only eats fish and egg whites), but she horrifically tells a few of the reasons why you should not eat meat… this is where you need to hold on to your stomach…

First, cows. They are strung up by their back legs while still alive before the butcher can get to them. This scares them half to death and they end up breaking bones, joints, etc., while moving into complete hysteria. It becomes torture for the most part. Now that I have satisfied the argument for anyone who likes PETA, let me go on to the next point… The government uses our tax dollars to buy all the diseased and unusable cows. What do they do with them? Well, they grind them up and feed them to the other cows! Oh yes, that is exactly what I said! So not only are they performing something completely unnatural by turning the cows into cannibals, but they are feeding diseased stuff to the cows that we eat, which in turn can be passed on to the milk we drink. YUCK! In my eyes, this is totally not cool! You can disagree if you like, but this vision alone was enough to stop me from touching it (I wasn’t a very big red meat eater/milk drinker anyway).

Now onto chickens… They keep them locked up in all these tiny cages (unless you eat free-range chicken, which you should… probably found at the Whole Foods Market), and these poor little animals get the poopy of the other birds on them! When they start the process of cleaning them, they all get dumped into a big vat of steaming water, poo and all!!! Guess what, that water is usually hot enough to rloosen the feathers, but not hot enough to kill the bacteria in the poo. In Marilu’s words, “Think fecal stew.” And because you are opening up their follicles, the bacteria seep into them! And apparently the cleaning job they perform is not a very good one. When they remove the feathers, the machine that plucks them is hardly ever cleaned, allowing more bacteria on the chicken. When they are finally done, they dump the chickens into another vat and use CHLORINE to kill some of the bacteria, which again does not kill all of it. OKAY, YUCK! I do not think I want any of that in my body… do you? Free-range chickens are fed organic feed and are allowed to run around. I’m not sure on the cleaning, but she supports it even if she doesn’t eat it. I was skeptic about buying chicken at the Whole Foods Market because it is very expensive, but this argument just changed my mind! Again, feel free to disagree. Oh, and for the animal friendly… they inject them with something that makes them brain dead, but all the while they are still conscious before plunging them into steaming water! I know they are just chickens, but still… nothing deserves that!

Anyway, I just wanted to share my new-found knowledge with everyone in case any of you are concerned about this type of stuff. My outlook on both these meats has totally changed. I do not think I can give up poultry altogether, because I do enjoy it, but I am now on a quest to find free-range chickens. Maybe some of you already knew this info, but I certainly did not. And this doesn’t even touch the amount of chemicals they use to speed up the process of artifically “porking” them up.

I did read some reviews about her book and they have said that the argument about stringing the cows up alive is unfounded. Also, since this book a quite a few years old, some of the information may have changed. So some of this may not hold true, but I’ll let you all make up your own minds on it. Okay, I’ll stop now…


  1. Erin said:

    Okay, so I decided to skip the rice milk (cause I’m not supposed to have rice on the diet… not sure if it’s the same or not, but better safe than sorry), so I jumped to Almond milk. It’s okay. I like the soy milk better, but for something to have with my cereal, it works just fine. And I know that it doesn’t have diseased cows and chemical grain mixed in to get me sick or give me cancer in the future… ENJOY YOUR TOXIC MILK! I’ll pass, thanks…

    October 16, 2003
  2. beth said:

    Uhg. I can’t believe you even drink Soy milk. If I had to drink that crap I’d stop drinking milk altogether (which would be hard, cause I love milk)! I can’t even imagine drinking rice milk… The only other alternative to milk I’ve tried is Lactade, which wasn’t bad. But the lactose isn’t your problem, unfortunately. Good luck with that rice milk, let me know how that goes!

    October 15, 2003
  3. Erin said:

    That’s why I buy all of my veggies organic. I wasn’t going to purchase organic meat because of the cost, but after reading this stuff, I’m all for buying my chicken at Whole Foods Market even though it will cost me $18 for 6-8 pounds. As far a red meat, no more for me. And I’ve always struggled with milk anyway. Although, the soy milk is ticking me off because I believe I am allergic to it too. I wonder if it is the actual soy that I am allergic to. I originally thought it was the Vitamin A Palmitate, but the stuff I have now doesn’t contain it. Next… rice milk. UUgghh! The pains of trying to be healthy.

    October 14, 2003
  4. La said:

    Makes you think….I think it would scare us silly if we knew half of what we really eat. The problem is, people go for cost- price eggs or meat or anything organic- now have our veggies are genetically altered so even being a Vegetarian may not be "healthy".

    October 14, 2003

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