Updates in the world of Katie…

Well I’m not doing too bad in school but I could be doing better in English and Math.There is a trip coming up for school for all the kids who have no more than 1 major assignment missing from each class and haven’t been in any kind of trouble…we will be going to the most museum in syracuse to watch a lewis and clark imax movie then around the musem to look at all the cool science things…I have been there a few times before it’s really cool…..and then after that we will go out to eat anywhere we want.I’m excited for it and hope I can meet the standards!I’m also doing modified lacrosse right now,it’s going pretty good but I haven’t had any games yet, and little league softball starts soon!I already now what team i’m on.I’m doing soccer again next fall too beacuse I had a blast this year.I guess i’m just a sports kind of girl.Don’t you worry aunt krissy I will definatley start bugging my mom to have a trip down there in the summer to see you guys!Anyway I love and miss you all so much and hope to see you soon.Have a Happy Easter!

hug ~n~ kisses-The one and only….. Katie!


  1. Aunt KIMMY said:

    I love that you post on the page Kate… Congrats on the trip and school and so cool to hear about your interest in both lacrosse and soccer! You go girlfriend!

    Hugs right bact at ya and kisses too!

    April 2, 2005
  2. Erin said:

    You go girl! You are just having all sorts of fun with you trips and sports! Keep up the good work and stay active (it especially looks good on a college application in the future). Keep us updated b/c we love when you get on a post! Miss you and hope to see you soon!

    March 30, 2005
  3. hot mama said:

    I hope you get to go on your trip too. Sounds like fun. Pay attention in school so you will make all your trips. You certainly are the busy one. We will see you on Sunday, Easter.
    Love Nana

    March 26, 2005

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