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Mom and dad play in a golf tournament yesterday- they did not win but they had tons of fun!
{{popup kellyjob.gif kellyjob 397×500}}New job– Kelly got a new job at the hospital!
{{popup kels&mim.gif kels&mim 484×500}}Kelsie & Mim– Kim got home today and Kelsie is potty trained!
{{popup madeteam.gif madeteam 550×332}}Soceer Girls– both Sarah & Katie made their school teams!
{{popup toughboy.gif toughboy 406×500}}Toughboy– Kameron hurt his toe in football- he thinks he broke it! His first scrimage is this Saturday.
{{popup fins.gif fins 363×437}}Crazy Hat & Socks Day– Delaney wore her fins hat, fins shirt and sits here with her dad.

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  1. La said:

    Kelly- good news on the job- that has to be a hugh load lifted.
    Kelsie- you are getting sooo big!
    Sarah & Kate- YEAH!
    Kam- hope your toe is better.
    Laney- fins to the left…come swim my way. Looking good Bob!
    Love you all!

    August 18, 2006

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