Beth&mom (110k image)

* Beth moved this weekend in with her friend Lydia- send address and phone number!
* Kim finishes her summer school this coming up Thursday
* Karen goes back to work Thursday
* Kelly and Sue are busy interviewing for new jobs
* Erin went to the CK scrapbook convention and had a great time this weekend
* Erin will be moving with David next weekend
* Mattie just finished soccer camp last week
* Kameron has started football
* Nana got a new dining room table
* Kris had an MRI on her tailbone- waiting for results (say a little prayer)
* Delaney continues to swim like a fish and will only visit Lala if she has a pool!
What’s up in your life? Been quiet around here.


  1. Mom said:

    Hey i like that, as much as i can like the move… from Orchard St. to Orchard Ave.!! Come home and soak in the hot tub for achey muscles!!!

    August 6, 2006
  2. beth said:

    Still very soar from moving all kinds of stuff. Not only did I have to move my own things, but there was furniture (heavy) that was in there that we had to move out and into another house! Dad says it’s his warm-up for next weekend! New address is 6 Orchard Ave, Auburn 13021

    Phone number, use the cell. Speaking of cell, I had it in my pocket while I was moving and it got moisture damaged! I couldn’t believe it. Now I’m without a cell until Wednesday when the insurance sends me a new phone. Plus I have to pay a $50 co-pay, how crazy is that! I’m still pissed.

    August 6, 2006

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