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* Laney loves her “boops” – here she is in her Valentine’s outfit.
* Kay, Erin and Karen are all fighting “something” icky- all have been off work, all have been to the doctor, all our on meds but it is a slow recovery.
* Linda’s biopsy came back- all is well- it is not cancerous. She will go on medication to shrink the tumor in her thyroid.
* Sue had her evaluation/review today and she said she “kicked butt”. She is on the down hill slide now!
* Kim is having her leg operated on February 24 so send her a “Get Well Soon” card.
* Kris will be in Kansas City this weekend- can’t wait!
*Mom & Dad are in Myrtle Beach but leave today for Kevin’s- then they go to Billy”s and old friends the Kuens- our parents the travelers!
* Kameron began reading “A Series of Unfortunate Events” The first book is called “The Bad Beginning”.
* No Stanley Cup champion will be crowned, the first time that’s happened since 1919, when the 2-year-old league called off the finals because of a flu epidemic.
* What’s happening in your neck of the woods?


  1. Erin said:

    Oh yeah, my biggest news is that I may not have a job soon. Don’t know many details, although the severance package is 26 weeks pay and there is a $25,000 bonus for those who sign with one of the 5 new companies acquiring us or if I get laid off. Unfortunately, if RJR offers me a job I do not get the bonus, but it could mean a raise. I am just hopeing I’ll have a job at this point. They forsee 200 people losing their jobs. THANKS BUSH, YOU JERK! (sorry) He said 2 million new jobs… WHERE? In the military! Yeah, that’s helpful to the rest of us. Our economy here in W-S is the worst ever with our biggest businesses laying off 25% of their workforces (Krispy Kreme included). And David’s company just laid off about 200 people too. I cannot take much more of this. I had to rant.

    February 17, 2005
  2. Erin said:

    Glad to hear you and Linda got good news! That’s somethign to celebrate! You had us worried girl! Laney, I love your "boops" and you are so cute… I seem to remember someone else who used to love their grey suede boots. I am recovering slowly. The crud has me movin slow and I haven’t been on to update much. Lala and Kay, I hope you both are starting to recover too. SUSHIE! You’re kicking butt girl! Good to hear and keep up the good work! Kam, you’ll have to fill us in on the books because they sound good. I think my sister has had a lot of news with her Leadership Cayuga and Ignite… Beth, get on her girl and toot your horn! Nana/Poppy, hope your travels find you many adventures and keep you safe. Fill us in when you get back. And Katie, you are just the cutest thing! I love that you get one here a post the kindest things to everyone! YOU ROCK GIRL! I miss you sweetie!

    February 17, 2005
  3. Katie said:

    That’s a great picture of delaney!I’m sorry aunt kay,la la and erin I hope you guys get better soon. Go susie!Nana and poppy I wish I could be there with you guys 🙂

    February 17, 2005
  4. La said:

    First and formost I am so relieved about Linda.
    I am slowly starting to feel better- don’t know if the "crude" is making me sick or the "medication".
    Sue- you go girl…I hope you have a heck of a party when it’s over.
    Laney- you are so cute in your little dresses (God love you for wanting to wear them). I love the boops!!!

    February 17, 2005
  5. Sue said:

    That is one beautiful little Valentine… all dolled up in her "boops"- how cute is that? We are so releived about Linda! Just like Kris had mentioned earlier, we have all climbed mountains this year- some bigger than others. I still have another observation to go at this student teaching placement but God it felt good to get that kind of feedback! I hope evryone is feeling better soon- get your sleep, drink your fluids, take your meds, and for God’s sake eat your spaghetti sauce!

    February 17, 2005

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