Update from Shelter Road…

Sprains and strains are soft tissue injuries. The symptoms of lumbar sprains and strains include sharp pain, pain and difficulty when moving, swelling, and stiffness. The initial pain may be so severe that the patient fears something has “broken.” (The worst pain I’ve ever felt!).  In my case- the capsulary ligament tore and leaked fluid which caused pressure on the nerves. They work that fluid from deep inside the spine to outside and it dissolves through the blood vessels and filters through your kidneys. I saw my chiropractor everyday for an adjustment, a stretch and ultrasound. Four days flat in bed, using a walker to use the bathroom. Muscle relaxants and ice and by day 4 could walk on my own but not sit. Today (day 8) was the first day I could sit again. AMEN!

I got to go to a 2 hour professional development class today. (We have to do 6 hours flex professional development each year).

Watered my gardens where I picked lettuce, kale, sweet peppers, red & green cabbage, broccoli, zucchini, little tomatoes, tomatillos and my herbs are going crazy.

Tomorrow I have school friends coming for brunch. They will get a meal made from homegrown produce.

We will have:

zucchini bread, broccoli quiche, salad greens with tomatoes and mimosa’s (not homegrown but yummy!)

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