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Here is Dee and Matts new place – the pictures don’t come close to how cute the place is. I got the pleasure of seeing it yesterday with my girl (then had dinner with she and matt). There is no fireplace unfortunately but for a foreclosed place everything is new (carpets, appliances etc) Its move in ready and totally neutral. The pictures make the appliances look like they don’t match but they do they are ivory. It is the perfect starter home for them. As Dee and Matt told me though the mirrored wall has to go!!!

They are going to need to get some things so if you find any deals on washer dryers (I may give them mine and I may buy a new set (at least to start with), refrigerator, and a flat screen TV for living room. If you see any deals at stores etc let me know as I am traveling a lot in next few weeks. Other than that they are in pretty good shape. They will also need things like dishes and glasses (Dollar store or target!!!)

Please do not think I am suggesting you get them anything – Im not I just could use the help of some of the best bargain shoppers around to help me look for deals while I am traveling.

They are both ecstatic and will be moving in March. (I will have my garage back!!) but the battle for buddy has begun hehe! She and matt are also on a health kick and dee is doing weight watchers and has lost some weight and toned up. She said quitting smoking is next. She is full fledge in school. (She has a paper to write about government and asked me to help her – THAT ought to be good!)

Sorry to go on I am just so proud of both of them and Mattie too because Mattie has been Dee’s support and is excited she has a place to stay now!

They are the loves of my life. I am glad you all got to meet Matt (except Karen but we will take care of that) because I think he may be a keeper – time will tell.

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  1. kskkdisanto said:

    The place is gorgeous and Matt can do his relaxation gardening as well. This is great news and thanks for sharing it!What colors does she want? So glad that everyone is doing so well- only want the best for all of you! Couldn’t love you more! Take a deep breathe, good luck, and keep hoing forward!

    January 16, 2013

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