• He is adjusting well- everything is going well but the potty training (great with pooping outside but he pees everywhere). My little green machine is just sitting out so I can suck it up right away- I pray he will learn quickly.
    • We had the fence put in today…overall we are very happy and our little boy will be safe to roam.


    1. Erin said:

      He’s so cute!!! And I agree with everything Kay has said b/c Bren was the same way… I wanted to kill him during potty training but I refused to give up… may take 2-3 months. That may sound like a lot, but sometimes they get it and then the following week they decide to forget what they learned. It will go both ways for a bit. And Brenner also loved his crate (except the first few nights). Now we never lock him in it but you can often find him laying in there. They are den animals so they like little spaces. If he is sleeping with you, he may not take to the crate at all… not sure on that one b/c we don’t let Bren on the bed or furniture b/c he’s too big so we didn’t have a choice. And just remember that you and Linda have to be consistent with everything you do… you slack even one time and they think they can get the best of you. And usually b/c they are so darn cute, you just can’t help it but to let them get away with it… lol!

      Anyway, hope Bren gets to meet his new cousin soon! He will be excited and wants to play already!

      July 14, 2010
    2. klds said:

      He does like the bed and he is pretty cuddly. He does well in the cage during the day but hates the nighttime so he now sleeps with me (real tough, aren’t I?) And potty training can’t happen quick enough. We go out every 30 minutes- one time in the fence, the next we walk- not clicking so far. I feel pretty stupid saying “potty” over and over again and I give treats when he does go…just like a kid!

      July 13, 2010
    3. The Carroll's said:

      BTW- he looks pretty cozy in the bed- you probably will never get him to like the crate now!!!

      July 13, 2010
    4. Kim and Clark said:

      So is his name Bear? (Way cute little beast!) Love him!

      July 13, 2010
    5. The Carroll's said:

      Yeah- I’m sure he isn’t happy with all the love and attention( haha)!! He is so cute- wish we could be there to enjoy the puppy phase- they are so stinking cute! However, I do remember the house breaking and I remember calling Jerry and saying I was going to lose it if Buffy didn’t stop peeing in the house!! And I remember he said to stick with it- all of a sudden it just clicks (honestly, it is no different than kids). So hang in there, it will all of a sudden happen! Love the fence. It blends in nicely with the house and it will be nice to have a space so he can get out and get fresh air when he needs it. About the crate, I also remember buying the condo for a crate thinking that Buff would love all the space (oh quite contrare, we had to get another because she liked it cozy. So if the crate is too big, that could be why he is not taking to it. Also, make sure that you put it in a place where you are and leave it open so that he can go into it when he wants some space to just rest. Once we got the smaller one, put it in our general area so she felt like she was still with us, but could go in and rest, then she learned to enjoy the crate. You are probably doing all this stuff, but just wanted you to know what we encountered 12 YEARS ago when we got Buffy. Keep sharing pictures because they grow so fast, we want to see!!

      July 13, 2010

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