Trip #3


Went back to the river…first night drive! First time I drove home.

Big storm hit while we were there- good news…no leaks, bad news…river is up and might flood. Lloyd moved out again, we came home a day early- Linda did not want to “float down the Missouri River in a tin can!”


Before…see the shore line


Now- no shore line. Right after we left we received a text that a refrigerator was floating down the river- lots of debris!


This trip had nice homemade sausage bread-big hit with the guys. It needs more sausage and cheese but the homemade dough for the bread was wonderful.


Remember Purple Martins? Lloyd has 3 houses- I caught one right after it caught a dragonfly and loved watching them come into the homes. Brought back memories of having to research them when daddy was putting up a home at the farm.

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