Trees trimmed

branches (71k image)

I wish {{popup mywish.gif mywish 274×500}}Nick was here to trim my trees. We have several large trees that needed major work. We hired the husband of a woman Linda works with, {{popup TreeTrimmer.gif TreeTrimmer 375×500}}Kenny. While he trimmed trees, I babysat his daughter {{popup Kenya.gif Kenya 333×400}}Kenya, she was quite entertaining (she’s 5). At one point I rounded the corner and found her like {{popup comfort.gif comfort 299×400}}this on the hot tub cover (no water in tub) but it did make me laugh that she could get so comfortable. She also informed me that I was going to be her Aunt.
Sunday we had a new roof put on the hot tub roof- it was worn and {{popup woodroof.gif woodroof 550×241}}buckling – our roofer (I think he is?) was not done at the time of this post so I can not show you the finished product.
We got our garden in (except the onions) and moved around benches- the one in back under the shade tree had Poison Ivy next to it so I figured we were NOT going to sit back there- we moved it in front of the barn, there are two matching pots on each side- will take a picture when we get them planted.
Still to go… 6 beds of mulch, stain hot tub and deck (hard, lots of rain) and paint lawn furniture- then I think we can move to the summer projects (garage, barn, bathroom). Till next weekend…


  1. Kay said:

    Wish I could have gotten that much done this weekend. Bob re-set the bricks on the front walkway- they had shifted and put some new rocks on the front landscaping. I had to take Delaney to the zoo for a birthday party. It was fun, not too many animals at the Rochester zoo. Forgot the camera, but the polar bears (which are my favorite) were very playful. Then it rained and we went home for a movie and nap- it was that kind of day!

    May 6, 2008
  2. Erin said:

    What a little cutie Kenya is! And I love the pic of her on the hot tub… too cute! Sounds like you guys are getting a lot of work done. Go Lala and Linda!

    May 5, 2008

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