Tree Trimming…

My goodness tree trimming is expensive! We have has some issues with trees lately so we brought in an arborist to take a look- the raindrop crab apple has a disease called “fire blight” which spread so the tree needs to come out (they will do that this week). Upon looking at other trees several need trimming to prevent breaking as they get larger and the 2 fruit trees are coming out (apricot does not bloom because it’s mate died years ago and it is now dying and the peach tree cracked and is not doing well). This things did not surprise me. What did is the largest tree on the property- which happens to be right behind the house (overlooking the roof) has several trunks which created a “basin” and is rotting out the base. A good wind or snow and it comes down crashing through my roof- so it is coming down as well. So 4 trees cut down and 15 trees trimmed plus the willows by the barn trimmed= $2600.00 (OUCH).

Since we have been here- we have planted 7 trees, 5 older trees have died or fallen over (one onto the deck when we first moved in & 2 apples when they put in the sewers), we have planted two hedge rows of Deoblos and Willows and put in 8 flower gardens. It cost a lot to create beauty!

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