TOOTHPASTE FROM THE $ STORE – Got this in e-mail

May 2004 09:35:03 -0400 > > > >I don’t know if any of you watched Channel 5 News last night, but they did >an investigation on dollar stores (including Dollar Tree, Greenbacks & 99 >Cents). They discovered the Crest, Colgate and other brand name toothpastes >were not the same as from Wal-mart, grocery stores etc. The toothpastes >were manufactured in many other countries and are not approved by the >American Dental Association (ADA). There was even some from South Africa >and the fluoride is ten times stronger than what we’re allowed in the U.S. >(prescription strength). They’re allowed stronger because they don’t have >fluoridated water > (like we do). So if we (or our kids) use it often and occasionally swallow > it, we could be poisoning ourselves. The dollar stores declined to > comment > and a full investigation has begun. So stick to paying full-price at the > grocery store and send this e-mail to anyone who shops at dollar stores.

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