Today is our Peace Festival…

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Peace Flags provide you with a special way to express some of the most important wishes of your heart. In words or pictures, you can display positive wishes for yourself, your family, friends, community, or the world. You may wish to convey something especially for one person (for example, health, success, prosperity) or affirm a concept you would like to see manifested in the world (for example, peace, cooperation, equality, understanding, compassion).
Peace Flags were inspired by the Prayer Flags of Tibet. According to ancient tradition, the prayers printed on the flags are carried on the wind. The traditional flags are blue (for sky), white (for air or clouds), red (for fire), green (for water) and yellow (for earth).

This year we had the students make Peace flags (over 400)- we hung them in the halls (it is really quite a sight)- we did a photography contest- put those on display and we made a special Peace Flag for our principal. Outside of the weather which is suppose to be bad- we are going to have some fun…look for pictures to follow!

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  1. Kris said:

    Great work Karen (and Linda) You always put so much of an effort in! Be proud of the work you do cuz its good!

    May 4, 2009

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