Tired of the black cloud…

  • JoAnn broke her leg from a fall- will need a metal plate which is complicated by her recent knee replacement. Surgery today- going to be a long recovery, Linda’s been there for the past 6 hours.
  • Linda’s best friend Roger might have (strong possibility) kidney cancer (his sister just died of breast cancer). Is cancer- the mass is the size of a lemon which is over half his kidney- will remove kidney next week. Think it is contatined which means a good recovery- if it has spread it changes from Stage 1 to stage 3 and a much tougher fight. Please pray.
  • Car has more damage than first thought- need new part and will take longer to fix. Part not in- still without car- should get it tomorrow.
  • Sunday another snow storm is moving in.Only got 1 inch- thank goodness.

I think it would be really nice to have one day that nothing breaks, no bad news, no stress- just peace and quiet and sunshine and rainbows!

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